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sape nak tolong bagi jawapan??

refer to national land code.
Adilah is the registered owner of Lot 1 that is adjacent to Lot 2 belonging to Anita. Arfah's land is located between Adilah's land and a public road. For the past 20 years, Adilah has been using a path across Arfah's land to access the rood. All along no objection was raised by Arfah.(syazwani,fana
,nirma,hidayah,wahieda,azila-ap121) Lately due to some misunderstanding between them, Arfah alleged that Adilah had been trespassing on her land and commenced a court proceeding to restrain Adilah from entering or crossing the said land.

2.    A piece of land in Taiping was alienated in perpetuity to Amir on the condition that it be used  for agriculture. He wants develop his land into a housing estate. He has been informed that the policy of the State Authority now is that any land to be converted and subdivided must be handed over to the State Authority to replaced by leasehold title.
Advise Amir on how he can convert and subdivided the land.
Has the State Authority the power to impose a condition that the land held in perpetuity be converted to leasehold title upon conversion and subdivision?(salmiah,nurliyana,nurhamizah-ap121)

3.    Syarikat Diri Rumah Sdn.Bhd., a property developer, had just been alienated 10 hectares of land in Shah Alam. Discuss the two (2) different methods on how the land he would go about divided into smaller plots, as provided by National Land Code.

4.      You have been approached by a land owner who has a qualified title of a piece of land registered under his name. He would like to convert his qualified title to final title so that he can subdivide his land. List the options that are available to him. You are required to advices him on each option so that he can expedite the conversion of his qualified title to final title and the sub division of his land.    

5.    Norman and Abby are co-proprietors of a piece of land which in subject to category of land use “agriculture”. Norman wishes to have the land partitioned and separate titles issued. Abby does not want the land to be portioned.
        Advise him. (mohd fauzi, saiful,hayat, amy, zati.nurul saffiyah bt baharin, siti noorayhan bt abu Hassan, nur farhana bt abd malik, maszafirah bt ishak,seti hasne, rj nur fatihah apd4cl)

6.      Jitu Jaya is the registered proprietor of a fifty acres agriculture land (Lot 1) and another fifty acres (Lot 2) in Hulu Selangor. The company intends to develop the land into a housing development project. Datuk SS, the Director of the company seeks your advice on the relevant procedures for conversion and sub-division together with amalgamation under the National Land Code 1965.(afzal,faizal,Muhammad,haslin.sapura,rojaniah ap121).(farahana,hafsah,nurul fazilah,nazihah,akhma,aidil apd4cl).(azimah,ain,natasya,siti zubaidah,suzela ap120)
7.    Atan and his siblings had just been bequeathed a piece of land by his father. He wants to divide  the land accordingly among his four siblings. Explain the process on how he would go about dividing the land under the National Land Code and what happen if one of his siblings not agreed with subdivided.( rabyeah, amira, syira, yana, nazihah, atikah, AP120)

8.      There is one double storey bungalow unit in a scheme consisting of two multi storey building. The owner of the scheme intends to apply for subdivision of building and get strata title to each parcel. He is also intends to apply for strata title to the bungalow house. Discuss whether the application can be approved.   
9.      Berjaya Development Sdn. Bhd. has completed building an Indah Condominium and has obtained a CF from Local Authority on 1st August 2006. By 26 September 2007 they had applied for Strata Title. State your comment regarding the period of application for Strata Titles.

10.   A housing developer intends to develop three blocks of multi storey buildings. ONE block consists of 20 storeys and another two (2) block is 3 storey. He wants to apply strata titles for each unit in one of the blocks and apply one strata title for the other block. Considering the relevant provisions in the Strata Titles Act 1985, and other ruling issued by authority comment  . 1. Mohd Fauzee b. Mohamad, 2. Syahrul Hisham Azli Putera b. Hamzah, 3. Muhammed Azi B. Karim, 4. Husaini (ap122)

11.  Mr. Amir is the co-owner of a piece of three hectares agricultural land with three otherco-owners having equal shares. He intends to obtain separate land title to his land.Discuss the choice that are available to him and recommend the best option that he can take. (1:mohd erdi fikri bin ismail,2:mohd safwan bin muda,3:mohd rozaimi bin salleh,4:ahmad syafiq aiman bin che rahim,5:muhammad khairul annas bin Mohamed,6:wan sharu adam bin wan ismail-ap122)

*p/s: cari la jawapan sama2 ye..:))

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